Unlock The Hidden Profit Potential In Your Business

If your idea of growing a business is spending a fortune on marketing to generate leads, then you are probably leaving a lot of money on the table.


Too many people invest in scaling up a business before they construct a model that maximizes profitability.

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Introducing The 6 Cylinder Success® Business Growth System

The 6 Cylinder Success® System is a revolutionary business growth method that focuses on building profitability before revenue using tested, proven techniques in six areas of business that are known to be critical to creating a sustainable, profitable enterprise.

Profit – Focused

Unlike many other business growth processes, the 6 Cylinder Success® System teaches that a revenue growth initiative should not be launched not until a solid profitability model is in place. This profit model is established by implementing correct pricing procedures, benchmarking the business against others in its space and by establishing lean, efficient, and systematic operating procedures.

The 6 Cylinder Success® System focuses on Profit, not Revenue, subscribing to the belief that:

“Revenue feeds your ego. Profits feed your family”.

Highly – Leveraged Returns

Once the correct profitability platform is established, even minor gains in revenue achieved through marketing or other revenue – focused initiatives can yield significant bottom-line improvements. As a result, marketing expenses are significantly reduced, the number of additional customers needed to achieve the financial goals of the business is minimized and risk is virtually eliminated.

Quick Results

Another important benefit deriving from the 6 Cylinder Success® approach is the speed with which results are obtained. Unlike typical lead – generation strategies that often take months to produce returns (if they produce returns at all), significant bottom-line improvements using the 6 Cylinder Success® approach can be realized in as little as thirty (30) days, without a significant up-front investment and with minimal downside risk.

Minimal Investment

Unlike costly (and risky) marketing – based campaigns focused on lead – generation strategies to build revenue, the 6 Cylinder Success® System requires only an agreed monthly retainer fee for consulting services and virtually no other investment.

Low Risk

Because the 6 Cylinder Success® System is based on solid, proven business principles and because the required investment is minimal, use of this System is a low-risk proposition. And, except in special situations, results are assured with a Money-Back Guarantee*.

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Think it’s too good to be true? Think again!

See for yourself (using numbers from YOUR BUSINESS) what the 6 Cylinder Success® System can do for your profitability with only a modest increase in revenue!

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Remember; Revenue feeds your ego. Profits feed your family.

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Now…What if we could take you from “Today” to the Potential you see above without spending a dime on Marketing?

About Frank Mummolo

Author, Speaker, Business Growth Strategist

Frank J. Mummolo, Ph.D., P.E. is a recognized business growth expert with over 25 years of senior management experience across a broad range of industries. He is Managing Director of MCA Consulting Services, Inc., a full-service business advisory and business skills training firm, which he founded in 1999.

Frank is the creator of the 6 Cylinder Success® Business Growth System which, for over 18 years, has been helping business owners and entrepreneurs achieve dramatic growth in the revenue and profitability of their enterprise.

Frank has led startups and new ventures, engineered turnarounds, bought and sold businesses, headed up and consulted for small- to- medium-sized private and public companies and has been active in capital markets, including venture funds, angel investors and private equity placements.

During his career, Frank has acquired “hands-on” experience in a number of manufacturing industries, including machinery, industrial electronics, printing, plastics, wood fabrication, industrial products, and machining.

Frank is the author of “Streetwise Marketing: How to Generate All the Leads Your Business Can Handle on a Shoestring Budget” and is a sought-after speaker on a wide variety of business topics.

Recently, in the middle of the economic recession, Frank was contracted by a leading private equity investment group to turn around and sell a struggling, 20-year-old manufacturing company in western PA. In just 3 years, in the middle of the recession, he transformed and grew this business from its original $20M valuation and sold it for $53M, a 250% increase in valuation.

Frank can bring his wealth of experience and expertise to your business as well. Whatever your challenges, whatever your business, large or small, chances are he has seen it before or been there personally. If you are looking for new ways to add value to your enterprise, or are just interested in a unique, insightful point of view, contact Frank for a complimentary business consultation.

Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying

One of the best investments I have made!

“If you want to up your game, to the very top 0.5 percent, you need to understand what drives a business beyond Marketing & Sales [i.e.] Strategy, Operations, People, Finance and Systems. It will challenge your thinking and stretch your grey matter. It’s not for the faint of heart, and for people who want to blend into the crowd.”

-R.K., Business Owner

Profit Margins Up 50% In 6 Months!

“The 6 Cylinder Success System completely transformed the way we did business! 50% increase in our profits without any marketing expense!”

-G.M., Custom Cabinet Manufacturer

Revenue Flat, Profits Up 176%!

“I always believed that the only way to increase profits was to increase sales. Was I ever wrong!”

-R.R., Remodeling & Construction

Doubled Our Business in 2 Months!

“We more than doubled our profits in less than two months!”

-W.H., Industrial Cleaning

Income Soars In A Recession!

“Frank was able to quickly identify the gap between what I was doing and what I needed to do. He showed me how to apply simple techniques that completely transformed my business, despite the fact that this all occurred during the economic “meltdown.” Recession? What recession? I’ve got Frank on my team!”

-R.L., Security Systems

Completely Changed The Way I Do Business!

“If I had to point to one dramatic turning point in my life and business it would be retaining Frank as my business advisor. His ability to dissect and analyze what my business requires to truly succeed is amazing. In a very short period of time, Frank helped me develop a plan for growth and stability and generally paved a road to a new and better way of doing business!”

-G.S., Marketing Broker

Profits Grow Even Faster Than Revenue!

“Frank has a great deal of knowledge in a lot of areas. Work with Frank’s system. It will show you everything you need to know to make a LOT more money.”

-B.P., Landscape Services

Revenues Up In Just 2 Months!

“We have increased our profits significantly in just two months with your system. Thank you, Frank.”

-J.S., Automotive Repair

Income Doubled in 6 Months!

“I began working with Frank six months ago and I’ve gone from working 85-90 hours per week to 55 and my income has doubled!!!”

-K.Z., Attorney

Want to bring more to your bottom line?

Learn how optimizing your profitability model can produce massive bottom line results, without spending a dime on marketing.

We have a proven track record of success across years of manufacturing industry experience.

Want to bring more to your bottom line?

Learn how optimizing your profitability model can produce massive bottom line results, without spending a dime on marketing.

We have a proven track record of success across years of manufacturing industry experience.